Eternal Bliss Wedding Package
Eternal Bliss Wedding Package
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Starting at $4000 USD
What's Included

• Initial Consultation

• Engagement Session

• All day Wedding Day Coverage

• 300 Edited Images for Online Gallery

• High-Resolution Edited Images for Print

• Fine Art Bridal Album

• Metal or Canvas Print

Package Description

The Eternal Bliss Wedding Package is designed to be more than a service—it's an immersive experience tailored to celebrate the uniqueness of your love story. From the initial consultation, where we connect over your vision, to the engagement session that captures the spark of your love, and finally, the all-day coverage ensuring no moment is left uncherished. With a thoughtful selection of prints and albums, this package transforms your wedding memories into timeless art pieces, ready to adorn your life's journey.

What to Expect

Our Eternal Bliss Wedding Package is designed to offer an all-encompassing and seamless photographic experience, ensuring every facet of your special day is artfully captured and preserved. Here's a breakdown of what this comprehensive package entails:

Initial Consultation: Embark on your wedding journey with a personalized consultation. Before the big day, we'll discuss your unique vision and desired shots, fostering a connection that sets the stage for a collaborative and harmonious experience.

All Day Wedding Day Coverage (Up to 14 Hours): Entrust us with up to 14 hours of dedicated coverage on your wedding day. From the pre-ceremony preparations to the vows and celebrations at the reception, every significant moment will be skillfully documented. Our discreet and unobtrusive approach ensures you can savor each moment authentically.

300 Edited Images for Online Gallery: Post-celebration, receive a curated collection of 300 meticulously edited high-resolution digital images. This online gallery becomes a visual narrative of your special day, easily shared with friends and family to extend the joyous memories.

High-Resolution Edited Images for Print: Enjoy a bespoke collection of high-resolution images tailored for print. Whether it's crafting elegant albums, framing prints, or creating personalized mementos, your wedding memories will be preserved in stunning detail and clarity.

Fine Art Bridal Album: Indulge in the luxury of a Fine Art Bridal Album—a bespoke creation weaving together the story of your love. This tangible masterpiece becomes a cherished heirloom, reflecting the elegance and romance of your union.

Metal or Canvas Print: Select between a striking metal or canvas print to showcase your favorite image. Elevate your cherished memories, creating a captivating visual centerpiece for your home.

Optional Add-Ons

License Policy
Add Ons Policy
Starting at $4000 USD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
Starting at $4000 USD

Kamal Johnson

Wedding Photographer based in San Diego, CA, USA

Capturing Moments, One Click at a Time

I'm Kamal, and it's truly a pleasure to welcome you to Complete and Perfect (CP) Photography. Embarking on my photographic journey in 2018 has been a gratifying experience, providing me with the means to capture and convey my unique perspective on the world. Photography allows me to freeze exquisite and evocative moments in time, showcasing the beauty that surrounds us. Curious about who Kamal is? I am perhaps one of the most easygoing individuals you'll encounter, finding joy in laughter and sharing that joy with others. Balancing my time between the sun-soaked landscapes of Southern California and the lush beauty of Hawaii, I embrace my inner nerd with a deep love for anime and video games. If given the chance, I would immerse myself in both all day. Beyond that, I am a connoisseur of tea and candles, taking pleasure in sipping tea while indulging in lofi beats and crafting candles during my leisure moments, accompanied by my incredible wife, Jasmine. Photography, for me, is an avenue to empower individuals to recognize and embrace their inner and outer beauty. Witnessing clients discover their own radiance during a session, and observing their confidence flourish firsthand, is an unparalleled joy. Now that you've learned a bit about me, I'm eager to get to know you better! Let's embark on this photographic journey together. Warm regards, Kamal Complete and Perfect Photography